A photographer’s guide to Japan πŸ“·

❄️ Winter in Japan ❄️

Immerse yourself in the old and new of Toyko. There’s no other country in the world that I feel combines its culture, history and heritage with its modern, technology-driven side of things other than Japan. It’s no wonder that so many travellers from around the world are drawn to the destination.

Let’s be honest, for me it was probably the food. You can learn about what I ate while I was there in my ‘Japan eats‘ post.

There’s so much to see in Japan all year round – from cherry blossoms blooming in Spring to the bright red and orange trees during Autumn to the beautiful sunsets during summer or my personal favourite – watching the snowfall at Mt Fuji.

Nothing can compare to what winter has to offer in Japan. Below are just some of my favourite locations / attractions / areas to shoot while I was in there exploring the cities, nature and history.

Dotonbori – Osaka

Fuji Train Station – take a day or two exploring the area!


Sensō-ji Shrine


Work life in Japan…


Palace garden in Kyoto


Snow monkeys in Nagano


Tokyo Nightlife



One comment

  1. Anne F · January 3, 2018

    Nice photos! Looks like a winter wonderland in Japan.


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